I’ve been a professional photographer for too many years. For the time being, I stopped and decided to take a look back.

I covered climate change summits, was assigned to shoot world famous celebrities, did jewellery shootings, was a photographer in war zones, shot for fashion magazines, was flown into luxury lodges in South Africa, pictured the most exclusive private homes, vintage sports cars, fast polo horses, traveled around the world with millionaires in private aircrafts and on their yachts in the Bahamas – I was sent out into the slums of Addis Ababa, shot advertising campaigns, photo art at music festivals, had my own exhibitions and art sales, produced photo books with hundreds of pages and portrayed some of the most powerful men in the world.

I wasn’t able to focus on one field or at least a niche – something that every pro has to do in order to make a living. I traveled, even mortgaged myself for a ridiculously expensive Leica S system, facing the risk of never making that money back.

Maybe it’s because I had a hunger for experiences and photography was just the right tool to get me there. But obviously there were some talents I seem to have that made all this possible: curiosity and an open mind. With these I was able to meet the most different people with ease, could have my personal view on their world and a moment with them.  So what I show here is a little bit of where my curiosity has lead to.